The power of their music…

Will admit that I am recovering from a personal disappointment that occurred a few months ago… for creative types this can be the catalyst to good things b/c we immerse ourselves in our work to deal with it. I have taken more photos the past 3 months than I have the past year…

Now that summer is here I can also focus on other loves. This weekend I finally allowed myself to enjoy a break at the shore…

Felt the power of the music come over me… and began to heal just a little bit more…


2 thoughts on “The power of their music…

  1. Thanks for the information!
    Funny story – 2 weeks ago I was taking photos under a parkway overpass and was reported for being a suspected terrorist. When the police officer approached me and I mentioned I was an artist, he laughed. He emphasized that I had every right to take photos in that location but since it was reported, they had to check it out. If it had been in NYC, I would have probably been told to go home!
    Peace! C.


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