10 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Its worth taking some time each day for reflection and refocusing on where we are in life.
    For me the first hours of daylight are the best.

    Hows your soul now…well fed?

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  2. Yes, nature is the ultimate cleanser.
    Wild storms or mirrored lakes…
    Somehow takes us away from ourselves for a while.
    …and dont forget you camera 😊.

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  3. So important to cleanse our minds! I totally agree. Helps us get into the right zone and truly see.
    My camera is constantly with me!

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  4. I guess the hard part is not letting our minds drag us out of that zone of clarity…which is our natural state afterall.

    Taking photos has to be one of the most enjoyable ways to get back there and reconnect.


  5. Interesting b/c a friend and I were discussing arts/crafts (vocations) and how they are not valued as they once were, especially in education. That natural state, or zone, is where good problem-solving and innovation begins but has been devalued in society, for the most part. Glad there are those of us who can still see its importance and want to enter that zone daily!! Lol!

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  6. Yes its very interesting.
    There was a study a while back where an ultra high iq couple…wall st whiz and corporate exec…had a child.
    The idea was to see how he was doing at 21 with all the super genes hed inherited and how far hed made it in the world.

    The result…
    He wasnt a billionaire.
    But spent his time painting and playing music.
    He could do portraits from memory and play any instrument he picked up.
    The study was branded a failure.

    But you only have to look to davinci to see that genius and creativity go hand in hand.

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  7. That is a very interesting study. I wouldn’t call it a failure at all… Ugh!
    I wish more people made the connection (like Davinci), we as a society would be in a better place!! 😊

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  8. Indeed.
    The best we can do is take good photos and show people how beautiful the world is when youre in that space.
    Maybe then theyll take the time to connect themselves.


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