6 thoughts on “Movement and Time

  1. Oh, I know. The darkroom was my first love… spent many years under a safelight. As much as I appreciate digital, I miss the analog process. Hope all is well.

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  2. Ha, I was addicted to my B&W darkroom too :) Nowadays I’m more addicted to color, but the darkroom process for color isn’t by far as appealing to me than for B&W. And since I found a printing company that prints my photos exactly the way I want them, I’m not interested in doing it myself. I’m fine, thanks! I love our new home and new life in Denmark. I hope you are fine too.


  3. I totally agree about the color printing process – not my cup of tea either! Ha! So glad you found a lab that understands your needs – always a frustrating challenge – and that your new home/life in Denmark is going well! All is well here – always a juggling act trying to find time to create, but it happens! ☺️

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