"Cintia Malhotra"

Impression of a woman and her cat [self portrait]

Thrilled to have had this image included in 2 on-line showcases and featured in an IG group focused on digital artistry! A big THANK YOU to those who chose to include it. Am fortunate to have work alongside very talented artists whose creative vision I admire. Each community offers something different in its approach and thematic vision. Click on the links below and enjoy!

Joanne Carter. Founder/Editorial Director of, wrote an engaging introduction about loneliness vs. solitude and the importance of raising awareness to the problems that loneliness can cause. Awesome work selected for this showcase on TheAppWhisperer website. Enjoy!

“…and the more he looked inside, the more Piglet wasn’t there” was the intoduction that Nicki FitzGerald chose for the showcase on iPhoneography Central. In this, the artist selected writes briefly the apps use and the backstory of the image. Very interesting to read!

Peter Wilkin, a moderator for the ig_artistry group, selected this photo to feature on that group’s page. This group focuses on highlighting original digital art on Instagram.

Interview on TheAppWhisperer

TheAppWhisperer website has been highlighting the work of digital artists and photographers for 10 years and has quite a following. Recently I was given the opportunity to tell readers a bit about my journey so far in my first published interview. I’d like to thank Founder and Editorial director Joanne Carter for the invitation. To read the article, click here.
Image of AppWhisperer website