Digital Art and Video

If you are interested in exhibiting any of the prints or videos, please contact me by using my contact page.

Natural events in my mind 2020 Statement: A few in a series of short videos that capture an abstract view of nature while being “present” and immersed in the sounds. These sounds are of the reality and sometimes include urban noise forcing one to be in current time.

Abstractions in motion Statement: Clips created using pieces from videos capturing natural elements in urban settings. Some videos are silent but in others the sounds are important to immerse the viewer connect and respond to the experience.

Meditation 1, 2016-2018 Statement: Below are 4 images from a series of 12 called “Meditation 1” which were created during the years of 2016-2018. These started off as an exercise to rest my mind from the fast-paced, data-driven, social media-saturated world we live in.

Totem Series, 2015-20016 Statement: The 4 images below are from a series of 10 images called “Totem” which were inspired by morning walks in the park. During these walks I would remember daily excursions in Prospect Park with my grandmother. The trees, so very tall to the 7-year old me of the time, took on individual spirit-like personalities. They were larger than life and each seemed so different, even if the type of tree was the same. They told me stories, expressed in the line their branches created. So did the color of the leaves.