Photography 2

If you are interested in exhibiting any of the prints in these series, please contact me by using my contact page.

Characters, NYC: These are 4 in a series of 12 images taken in New York City, reflect a desire to retain the city/urban connection in my life while also documenting a moment in the lives of various characters who are part of the City.

Found on the ground II Statement: These are 4 in a series of 12 images, each with a title guides the viewer to the intent. Each capture attracted me for different reasons. For some it was a shape that spoke its story, for others it was the distance between the elements. Aside from applying a black and white filter and contrast adjustments, they are not heavily edited. 2015-17

Found on the Ground Statement: Seeing beauty in imperfection… it is important to me that the surfaces contain a certain depth. Lighting is extremely important. I try not to do too much manipulation – usually limit it to what can be done in a darkroom setting. 2006

At The Dollar Store: Shopping at the dollar store is a reality for many Americans, and not by choice. Being a frequent shopper myself, I have often wondered why some of the items are for sale. What purpose do the have? What appeals to the shopper about the figurines? Will they end up as waste in a dump somewhere? I have explored a few stores in the area, and found the statuettes to be a “creepy sorta cute.”

Iraq War Protests Statement: In 2003, several countries tried sending their politicians a strong message by protesting against a war on Iraq. In New York City, people came from all over the tri-state area (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York) and gathered to stand united. I felt strongly about documenting as much as I could. These were among the last rolls of film I shot before converting to digital.